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We LOVE serving Burbank!

In 1970, Harry Arzoian opened the doors of his small family market in Burbank, CA. The neighbors all commented about how “handy” it was to have a market with such quality and selection right next door. That concept stuck and Handy Market of Burbank was born.

Harry set high standards for his market and instilled a dedication of service to the community that is still present today. Harry’s son, Alan, still operates the market with these same successful principals.

In keeping with the concept of serving the local community. Alan, in 1980, created a Crafts Services arm of Handy Market which would later be named Sunrise to Sunset Catering. Being at the center of the Television and Movie Industry quickly made this a perfect expansion.

When Harry was asked about the challenges of opening a small private market and competing against the big chains. He was known to say, “Getting a one time sale is easy. Those people will blow in like the wind. My goal is to build a friend and a loyal customer. That’s my rock that will anchor this business.”

Today, Handy Market and Sunrise to Sunset Catering enjoy legions of friends and loyal customers. Our rock solid foundation is that neighbor or studio around the corner, or the celebrity clientele who returns repeatedly for the quality and service that only a private market and caterer can deliver.

To all our Friends. Thank you for your patronage over these past 39 years and we look forward to seeing you again and again.


Always at your service… my friends,

Alan Arzoian

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